Law of attraction aca. Who I met during my journey to Chile

Even though I love to travel, the flying part is usually the pain part of it. More likely if it includes longer flights where I am supposed to spend the night on the aircraft. I just can not sleep on an aircraft. This time I was facing with a 29-hour-long trip between Budapest and Antofagasta, which I complicated with a stop in Buenos Aires. Altogether I had to transfer in Paris, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

The flight between Budapest and Paris was calm, as I was the lucky one who sat on a triple seat alone. In Paris I had one hour to transfer so I did not even have time to think of the 12-hour-long trip to Buenos Aires. However as soon as I stepped into the giant, transatlantic aircraft I started to worry about the night. I was seated in the aisle and I had no wall or window where I could have laid my head. Sitting on the arm of my seat, I was curiously staring at the entrance to see who will be my neighbors for the night.

Waiting at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport (Hungary)
A "busy" man appeared with a cell phone sticked to his ears. Then pressing his phone between his ear and shoulder, he tried to balance up his handbag in the upper luggage ruck. Fortunately he did not sit on my side, but to the other row on the aisle. Later on even the steward was crossing fingers for me that I do not get neighbours. Finally noone came and I became the lucky one on the whole aircraft who possessed a triple seat alone. This meant horizontal sleep during the journey. A miracle!

Later on the "busy" man told me that his seat was next to me at the window but he preferred the aisle and he changed. So we started to chat while waiting for the take off. And now comes the law of attraction! I kept after my Argentine friends for taking me to a football match on my return to Buenos Aires. I always got the answer that it was impossible to get a ticket to important matches. It turned out that this man sitting besides me was an Argentine football-manager who was selling football players all around the world. He lightly promised me that if I contact him he would get me tickets to any match I pick. He said that the finals would be during the week when I am back in the city. Was this just a coincidence?

Before take off a Chinese woman saw my empty seats and occupied one of them. At first I was angry with her, like how does she dear to come into my territory. But during the night we slept in such a symbiosis that while I was stretching my legs on the open table, she was using the middle seat, and then we switched. With this brilliant cooperation I was able to sleep for many hours and I was less wasted in the morning.

On the flight between Buenos Aires and Santiago I was seated next to a 100-year old man and his son. It turned out that they were about to start their journey on a Eastern-European round trip the other day, which included sightseeing in Budapest. What a coincidence that on the other side of the world you are seated next to someone coming from Hungary! So the next 2 hours I gave them tips on where to go in Budapest in their free-time. I was also interrogated about the economic and political situation in Europe. I should have remembered from Argentine to come prepared about this topic, but I forgot. This man also gave me his name card: he was a lawyer. The flight to Chile was impressive, we flew over the snowy Andes mountains.

Flying over the Andes Mountains
My last flight was between Santiago de Chile and Antofagasta. Here I was seated next to a Chilean couple. It is funny, coz in general as soon as people hear me speaking Spanish they immediately want to know where I am coming from and how come I speak their language. That is exactly how I started to have a conversation with the wife. She told me many things about Chile, about Antofagasta, about her family and life. And what is more, she also gave me her name card and invited me for dinner one day.

I just arrived in Chile but already got three contacts during my way. I do not even wanna think of how many nice and sweet people I will meet during that one month that I am about to spend in Chile. So far so good. And law of attraction does exist!

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