Photo essay: San Isidro and Acasuso

If we think about Argentina, everyone thinks of Buenos Aires. And not only foreigners see this way, but roughly one quarter of the country concentrates in the capital city. Therefore it is like an owen during summertime, and the porteños can not wait to get out of this concrete jungle for the weekend. Around the city there are many little towns where we can get-away. Like San Isidro and Acasuso.

Long weekend at the Argentine Copacabana - Part 2

The next morning we drove in the main land, to a little village called Tandil, 170 kilometers away from Mar del Plata. I wanted to see Tandil for two reasons. First of all, because this is a typical town on the Argentine Pampas. Tandil is laying on the sierras of the humid Pampas, and its name in the mapuche language means falling rock.

Long weekend at the Argentine Copacabana - Part 1

Many people think, that equally to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires has long beaches on the Atlentic coast. True, that the city is at the waterfront, at the golf of the brownly rolling river, the La Plata. But the first real beach on the Atlantic coast can be found 300 kilometres to the south, where the La Plata reaches the ocean. In February, during the long weekend of the carnaval, we also headed for the biggest seaside resort of Argentina, Mar del Plata.

The Big Blog Exchange Challenge

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There is a very sympathetic blogger competition which says that "local knowledge can generate global understanding", and "exchanging cultures can prevent war". 16 bloggers can have the chance to travel to a very different culture from theirs, exchange lives and blogs, and bring their cultures closer to each other.

Summertime in Mar del Plata and surroundings

In February I checked out the biggest seaside resort of Argentina, Mar del Plata and the surroundings. Mar del Plata is the seventh biggest city of the country, but during summertime the number of its inhabitants bumps up to double, and becomes one of the busiest and craziest city along the Atlantic Ocean. Check out what the Pampa has for you there!

Grease-feeling in muu Lechería

The Armenia square is one of the busiest ones in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is shady with short buildings, and little bars and cafes are waiting for those longing to take a rest. I usually come here in the afternoon or in the evening, when it is not too warm and the lights are turned on. I saw the muu Lechería for the first time at night. It did not really raise my attention, because I could not think of drinking milk at night.

My second chance: DF Mexican Restaurant

Throw a stone on me, but I am not much into Mexican kitchen. Maybe, because I have not yet tried a real good one at home. I used to have some hopeful tries, mainly in Budapest, but somehow I was never impressed. A few years ago a friend from Hong Kong commented to me that the Chinese food we eat in Europe has nothing to do with its Chinese counterpart. Hence I got curious that maybe if I try Mexican in South-America, will it take me heaven? So I gave myself a second chance in Argentina.