Salzburg in one day - a time travel through the day

One of the highlights of our road trip was the visit to Salzburg. I have heard so much about this city, maybe because it is considered as the second capital of Austria? Still, if I need to name a few things which 'sell' Salzburg for tourism, these would be Mozart, who was born and lived here; the von Trapp Family - from the 'The Sound of Music'; and the Edelweiss, a flower (no, not the beer) which you only find in the mountains around. Salzburg does not let you forget about them, though it gives you much more than that. So what else is there for you in Salzburg?

The morning started with a visit to the nearby Hellbrunn Castle and its tricky fountains. After getting properly wet, the plan was to start our Salzburg city tour from the north, going to the south. The first destination was the large and colorful Mirabell Park. This time of the year this beautiful park was spouting the fragrance of roses and all kinds of flowers. If you remember the scene from the musical 'The Sound of Music' where the nun is dancing with the kids around a fountain, this was filmed in this very park.

Just at the exit of the park stands the house of Mozart, which documents the life of the composer and his family. From the audio guide I found out that Mozart liked darts and was shooting in the butt of ugly peoples' paintings on the wall. :)

Entrance to the Mirabell Park
The famous fountain from 'The Sound of Music'
Mirabell Palace
Summer is all around
House of Mozart in front of the Mirabell Park

We crossed the Salzach River on the Makartsteg bridge which, like in many other cities, was full of with locks with the name of couples on it. These locks and the view on the Castle of Salzburg gave a romantic impression. Unfortunately, because of starting hunger we were not much in a romantic mood, so we quickly dropped by the Getreidegasse walking street looking for some food. This street is one of the symbols of the city because of its cute wrought iron signs above the shops. This was my favourite street in Salzburg! (No, not only because of shopping, but also because of the special atmosphere of the last centuries.)

View of the Castle of Salzburg from the Makartsteg Bridge
The Makartsteg Bridge
Getreidegasse street with the wrought iron signs

At the end of the street there is the elevator which took us up to the Mönschberg lookout, from where we had a full view on Salzburg. Surprisingly the city is tiny, its fame seems to be much bigger than its size. Good for us as we walked around on foot :) Our way led us through the Universitätsplatz, the Domplatz up till the St. Peter's Cemetery. As mentioned in my post about Buenos Aires, I try to check out the cemeteries of different cities because of the beauty and calmness of the place. I was happy I did it again, this little cemetery was worth a visit because of its special wrought iron tombs and the catacomb in the mountain.

View from the Mönschberg lookout
Food market on Universitätsplatz - free try!
Resting place on Residenzplatz
Cathedral from inside
Catacomb of St. Peter's cemetery inside the mountain
St. Peter's cemetery

The last destination of the day was the Castle of Salzburg which had a huge exhibition about the history, the furniture, weapons and dresses of last centuries. Not to mention the breathtaking view on the city of Salzburg. We liked to bend on the handrail of the lookout, not only because of the view but because of this long-long day. We sailed back in the time of Mozart, then to the 1930s' with the von Trapp family, and we finished in the present when we were just watching the life of this beautiful city from a bird's view.

Tower of the Castle
Inside the Castle, walking through the exhibition
Ceiling of the hall
View on Salzburg from the Castle

... and a last view to the other side.

Have you been to Salzburg?


  • The best time to visit Salzburg is from late spring to early autumn. In other times of the year the weather is humid and cool.
  • All the places we visited, plus the local public transportation were covered with the Salburgerland Card. The card costs 46 Euros (in 2012) and one can freely travel inside the city for 24 hours after validation.

  • There are more exhibitions dedicated to the life of Mozart. If you have one day, it is more than sufficient if you pick one, as you will not lose much if you do not check them all.

This entry is dedicated to the October edition of the Carnival of Europe hosted by DJ Yabis at Dream Euro Trip.

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  1. Beautiful photos!! I have never been to Salzburg but I would love to visit that castle!! the inside look amazing:)))


    1. Thank you Tammy! it is amazing, I fall in love with the city :)

  2. Great post! It looks like a fabulous city, the photo of the Getreidegasse Street won me over :-). It really does look like the place that you imagine when you think about Mozart!

    1. Thank you! This city is so pretty, and will definitely not let you forget about Mozart :)

  3. I love Salzburg! You did hit the main sights but I do feel it would be a shame to only spend one day in this beautiful city!

    1. I totally agree with you. Salzburg is so pretty to visit it for one day. As we planned a 5-day-long trip around the Salzburg region, and the Salzburgerland Card gives a 24 hrs of free transportation in the city, it seemed to be the best compromise if we did not want to miss the other beautiful parts of the region.

  4. Great photos! I loved Salzburg when I visited last year.

    1. Thank you Andrea! It's crazy that Austria is in my neighborhood and I just visited Salzburg this year. Very pretty town indeed :)

  5. Going in April! Thanks for the tips - awesome how much you can do in 1 day tehre!

    1. You are right, we were hell tired by the end of the day, but one will never remember the tiredness, only the activities. And Salzburg is tiny, you will be able to do this tour. Hope that I was able to help with tips as well. Oh, and don't forget to let me know how it went! Thanks for the comment :)