Uyuni Salar Tour – Day 2

The second day woke us up at 6am. We had a long day, a lot to do, and as the sun goes down early in winter, we had to start the day early enough. After sipping our hot mate tea, we were ready to fight against the cold wind in the altitude.

Llama leftover in the morning.. sweet!
The caravan
This day was dedicated to the flamingos. We saw flamingos in the four lagoons, we saw a baby flamingo during our way, and we also saw flamingos in the Red Lake. 

The Red Lake was an absolute change after the bright blue lagoons and grey mountains. The water was colored by red algae which was also one of the favorite foods of the pink birds. There might have been some connection between the red algae and the pink color of the flamingos.

Baby flamingo
The first lagoon..
.. and the first flamingos.
Pink cuteness
Red Lake (Lago Rojo)
And it was so cold!

We were already out of the Salar, this time we drove across volcanic lands. Some of the volcanoes are still active. The strong winds worked insistently on the volcanic stones, shaping such creatures as the Tree of Stone (Arbol de Piedra).

Active volcanoe. Can you see the steam?
Volcanic stones
Land of wind
Stone Tree
The jeeps traveled on the same route therefore we met the other groups at the resting points. It's amazing how fast our identity developed for the second day. The close cycle was our group, the 7 of us. Then, unexpressedly, we had privileged jeeps with cool travelers, who we shared our drinks with. And we also had groups that had almost no interaction with. That is how we spent the second cold night in 'clicks' at the three big tables of our freaking cold hostel.

Our Jeep inside: a sardine can

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