Where to be in July? Europe's largest electronic music festival

I do not say that it is a must. But if you like electronic music, if you wanna cool down from the summer heat in the biggest lake of Hungary, chill out in the tents looking at the view of the mountains in the horizon, jump for the first concerts in the sunset, and party for a great range of music with people from all around the world, then Balaton Sound is the place for you to be.

I went almost every summer, have been lodging in tent, rented flat, or slept in car. The festival hosts more than 100.000 people during the 4 days, which usually falls on the first weekend of July. Zamardi, the hosting town becomes a brustling place and locals silently bear the festival feeling. Make sure to have your accommodation in time, as booking already starts in January when the final dates are announced.

Chilling out at the shore (2011)

Why Balaton Sound?

Balaton is the biggest sweet-water lake in Central Europe. Zamárdi is on the southern part of the lake, where it is as shallow that you have to walk hundreds of meters in the water and it only reaches your knees. Perfect place for water games, sitting and cooling down in the mild waves and drink beer while you are listening to the concerts from the stages. 

Usual symptom of the festival is hearing badly and constant beating of the base.

Where we spend the day (2012)

Yachting (2011)

Balaton Sound is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Europe. It offers loads of facilities during the day - bungee jumping, internet islands, shows, chill-out stages and food courts, and a great range of concerts and parties on various stages. Everyone will find something.

Getting ready in the tent (2010)
... and in the car (2012)
Afternoon concert (2010)
Concerting (2011)
The group is still together (2011)

Snoop & the zebra (2011)
S. Ingrosso (2011)

Most importantly people are partying for four days. Everyone is happy. It is summer, the weather is great, and it is the best place to meet new people. There will always be someone who comes to you and asks if you like the party, and where you come from. You can be sure that if you meet me, I will ask you the same :)

Smiling and dancing (2012)
Getting social (2012)

Finally, I've collected some of the comments of my friends who wrote about Balaton Sound:

Ben (Spain): Balaton Sound see you next year. I have no words...(2012) The most AWESOME festival I have ever been to (2011)

James (UK): well people, im off for festival time =)

Gabor (Hungary): Do not call me, I went to the Sound!

Christoph (Belgium): I've been in this festival every year, great music, beautiful girls! :)

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