Big ’Fröccs’-dictionary: A new alcohol-language

I am not a big drinker, but when we are sitting outside during the hot summer nights and already sweating when not even moving, then it is time for ’fröccs’.

Soon starts the Sziget Festival, winner of the "Best European Major Festival", so it is time to learn the fröccs-language and start practicing it.

But what is a 'fröccs'? 
If you have ever heard of ’spitzer’, then ’fröccs’ will be similar: it is a chilled drink, usually made with soda and white wine or Rosé (very rarely with red wine). Light, cold and perfect for sipping in the mild summer nights.

It is Hungary's non-official summertime drink. When you like something, you tend to pet it, so do we call 'fröccs' in many names and we all know their meaning. Now I reveal the big 'fröccs'-dictionary, and you can start to practice. Be careful with the quantity! :)

The dictionary
The dictionary guides you through the mixing portions (deciliter wine/ deciliter soda) and their official nicknames for beginners and more advanced learners. When you order, instead of the portion tell the nickname, and you already speak a common language with the barman.

For beginners:
Kisfröccs (Small-fröccs): 1/1 
Nagyfröccs (Big-fröccs): 2/1
Hosszúlépés (Long step): 1/2

For intermediates:
Házmester (Janitor): 3/2
Vice-házmester (Reversed-janitor): 2/3
Háziúr (Landlord): 4/1
Albérlő (Roomer): 1/4
Magyar - Angol (Hungary - UK): 6/3
Távolugrás (Long jump): 1/9
Polgármester (Mayor): 6/4

For advanced:
Krúdy-fröccs: 9/1
Mafla (Muff): 5/5

Hope that you are still not too tipsy. If so, let's get to the next lesson.

In fancier places 'fröccs' is served in wine glass. But do not get surprised if you get it in plastic glasses with a straw. We are flexible about it as long as it is cold and sparkling.

One of the first words every tourist learns in a new country is how to say 'cheers'. Once I was on a birthday party in Denmark where we had to say 'cheers' in the language of each other, until it was close to perfect. Well, the Hungarian version took the longest time until that poor guy was able to pronounce it.
We say: EGÉSZSÉGEDRE! Good luck with that! :)

Fröccs App
Do not worry if you do not remember of the fröccs-combination by heart. Sometimes even the barmen can be confused with complex combinations. But in order to solve this problem, and help you better speak the new language, a useful Fröccs App for iPhones is already available.  

Now you are ready to go and practice this new language. And do not forget to share the Word with your beloved ones. I hope that 'fröccs' is now part of those Hungarian words which you use every day.


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