Budapest - Lisbon - Sao Paolo - Buenos Aires: Another day of adventures

On Saturday night I successfully arrived in Buenos Aires after a flitting 24-hour-long journey. I adore these travels because there is always something happening to me, just like during my trip from Budapest to Antofagasta. What is more, a one day of travel would be hell boring if nothing would happen, right? Therefore, let’s have a few words about my journey between Budapest and Buenos Aires.

The first flight took off at 6am from Budapest to Lisbon. It started slowly as it was so early and I was just super tired. My motivation did not raise either when the stewardess told me that the orange juice was out and I should pick something instead. Anyways. However, when my neighbor was also rejected the wine – for which he was preparing the whole morning, and after having had been the witness of my orange juise rejection -, his nerves could not make it and he bursted out in imprecating the whole airlines company. So I decided to sleep back. I only started to become a bit nervous when we had already been making the second round over Lisbon. While my neighbor was worried whether there was enough kerosene, I was more interested whether I would catch my flight to Sao Paolo, for which I only had 15 mins.

After landing I realized that of course the gate to the Sao Paolo flight was at the other corner of the terminal, so I had to reduce the projected 13 mins of walk to 5 mins of running. A bit warmed out, but I fall into my seat in the aircraft in relief. That’s when I realized that there was no TV screen in the seat. I was condemned for a 10-hour-long flight with no TV and no films! What the hell can one do for 10 hours without films? There was one option left, sleeping. Then a new shock for me was to see that the button, which bends the squab, was missing. Superb! In the next 5 mins I mobilized most of the stewardesses – who only spoke Portugese - to find me a proper seat, and changed place before take off.

I think I managed to get the coolest neighbors. A Chilean guy, who is doing business with Swiss watches, and who finally did speak other langauge than Portugese. His mission was to justify me that Antofagasta was one of the ugliest cities of Chile. On the other side an unknown man who was snoring in my face throughout the 10 hours. The Chilean first thought that this noise came from me. (Thanks Javier for this nice assumption!) Other than talking through the whole flight, with Javier we tried to get some wine for better sleep, but we were rejected again (like was my neghbor on the previous flight).

Between Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires the 3,5 hours literally flew rapidly. Except from those 30 mins when we got in a turbulence and I got a heart attack. Fortunately the couple next to me started to play Sudoku to keep me busy. 

Another day with flying, lots of fun, and more to come :)

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  1. Well you should have these memories... otherwise 24 hours flying would be extremely boring :)

  2. No TV? Ever heard of reading a book? Don't you have a Kindle or don't you like to read???

    1. haha, I love reading books, always have one with me.. this time, however, I gave the one I had to my Granny at the airport. Kindle is the next project :)

  3. I hate when there is no TV, and on a 10 hour flight that is almost criminal. Where is the next flight to?

    1. Hi Emme, next flight is to Santiago de Chile. It's only a 1,5 hr long flight over the Andes which will be precious :)