Providencia Hostel - I liked this stylish, budget-friendly hostel

Before my travel to Santiago I was looking for a hostel which fulfills all my requirements. Believe me, there are many good ones, so I decided to be a little picky and check out one of the highest rated hostels. My choice was the Providencia Hostel, where I spent one night.

First of all, when I chose a hostel, it has to fulfill at least the following points: 
1. Situated in the center, easy access to the main sites
2. Professional staff
3. Cozy and clean
4. Budget friendly
5. Fast Wifi access
6. Hot water

It was easy to find this building with its authentic facade, as Hostal Providencia is located on the eastern edge of the city center, just three blocks from Baquedano, where the two central metro lines connect. Point #1 completed.

I am very critical about customer care in general. When I arrived, my first visit led me to the reception to check in. This is the point when you get the first impression about the staff and the full service provided by the hostel. I got a freindly briefing about the basic rules, one of the staff politely showed me arround, and took me to my room taking my luggage. Good start. Point #2 completed.
Later Mario, the owner told me, that they pay special attention to train the English-Spanish-Portuguese speaking staff on how to treat visitors, which I agree, is a very important component in turism.

My Deluxe Double Bed Private room was cozy, with LCD TV and spacious cupboard, and it costed 35 USD/night, however dorms can be booked from already 16 USD (2012 prices). I had wifi in the room and all around the building, and I enjoyed a hot water shower in the evening. The bathroom was clean, and was cleared more times a day. Points #3, 4, 5 and 6 completed.

I was sleeping in this Deluxe Double Bed Private room with LCD TV

Besides the above points I collected my absolute favourites about Providencia Hostel, which probably makes it as one of the highest rated hostels in Santiago:

  • Big black board in front of the entrance, full of with tips for every day: where to eat on Monday morning, where is the best party on Tuesday, what tours are leaving on Thursday, etc. You can stand in front of this board for minutes and wander around the so many suggestions by the local staff, and your day gets filled instantly with interesting events. 
This is the board welcoming every visitor at the entrance door.
  • Spacious common rooms with a warm atmosphere and decoration.
  • Open-air yard.
  • Camera system in the common areas to ensure full security, which I found especially useful. I also checked for cameras in my room, fortunately there was none. 
  • Social gatherings, such as BBQ every Friday in the open-air yard of the hostel, organized going out parties. The hostel also offers a wide range of tours inside and outside of Santiago.
I liked all the details of the decoration.
One of the common areas. Isn't it like being at home?
I was spending some time in the shady yard.
  • Breakfast included. My favorite was the little jar of 'dulce de leche' on every table. And the kitchen staff, who frightened me to death when she shouted at me from behind not to wash the plates, as she would do that :)
  • Equipped and spacy kitchen for cooking.
  • Towels included.

Stylish dining room

My stay was sponsored by Providencia Hostal (Av. Vicuña Mackenna 92, Providencia, Santiago, Chile). If you would like more information or do a reservation, visit their website, or contact them via email on, or phone (+56-2-635 25 36) in English, Spanish or Portuguese. I would like to thank to Mario Hermosilla for all the help and coordination. As always the thoughts in this article are all mine.

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  1. That looks like a really nice and comfortable place to stay. The price is also very appealing.

    I like your check list. An ultimate guide to getting some home comforts we all crave whilst exploring new places.

    1. I agree with you, having a comfy place does help to regain the energy whilst exploring places. Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Looks like a cozy home rather than a hostel. I liked the board of ideas-such great input.

    1. It was nice to stand in front of that board and wonder which I should try :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ele Any tip for. Santiago just ask us. Thanks for the article and Nice Photos

  4. Style and low budget. There's no better combo!!!

    1. Exactly, great to regain the energy ;) Thanks for the comment!

  5. I'm not one that usually stays in hostels but this one may just change me! Looked fabulous.

    1. Thanks Debbie! Hope that this helps to reconsider staying in hostels :)

  6. I like keeping costs down so hostels are usually my first stop before checking out budget hotels.

    Really like the wall of things to do. Such a great idea! Nice common areas in this place as well.

    1. I think we are similar in this aspect, as budget hostels are also my first choice. Thanks for the comment! :)

  7. Seems to be a wonderful hostel. Can I have some idea about it's exact location?

    1. It is on the Vicuña Mackenna street, a few blocks south from Baquedano Park, one of the main connecting points of Santiago de Chile. For exact location please check out their website (, where you will also find a map.