Photo essay: San Isidro and Acasuso

If we think about Argentina, everyone thinks of Buenos Aires. And not only foreigners see this way, but roughly one quarter of the country concentrates in the capital city. Therefore it is like an owen during summertime, and the porteños can not wait to get out of this concrete jungle for the weekend. Around the city there are many little towns where we can get-away. Like San Isidro and Acasuso.

Farm of Pueyrredon
Ancient trees in the garden of Pueyrredon
Main street of San Isidro
Flee market at the train station of Acasuso
Stand No. 43
River La Plata from Acasuso

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  1. What beautiful cities! Thanks for making me aware of them. I'm currently planning a trip to South America for this autumn!

  2. Good post, your article is really nice, love it!