One day in Córdoba

Córdoba is the 2nd largest city in Argentina and is very much similar to Buenos Aires. I really liked Córdoba. This is a calm and serious city with beautiful buildings.

My discovery started from the main square again, the Square of San Martín. (Almost every main square is named from San Martín  in Argentina. He liberated Argentina, Chile and Peru from the Spanish occupation in the 19th century.)

San Martín sculture on the main square of Córdoba
In front of the San Martín sculpture is the Catedral of Córdoba and the Municipality. They are both worth a visit.

Catedral of Córdoba
If you are walking on the main square do not miss the sweet shop on the side of the Municipality. It offers alfajor, the most popular sweet of Argentina, in all tastes from the classic caramel ('dulce de leche') to coconut or marzipan. The staff is very professional and is helping to find you the best taste.

Sweet shop on the main square of Córdoba
Great selection of alfajors
A few blocks away from the main square I went in a Jesuit church, the Iglesia de la Compañía. Usually I do not visit churches because later I can not remember which was which. But this one was so special. Surprisingly, instead of religious music they played relaxing melodies and it was so calming to sit there a bit.
Iglesia de la Compania
When you are walking on the streets you will see how busy the city is. But when you look around you will will always see people resting on a bench, besides a fountain or a sculpture.

After walking around in the afternoon I also took a rest on the main square. The streets were full of with abandoned dogs. With one of them I made friendship and I bought him an 'empanada' filled with delicious chicken breast. He was a real Argentine dog, he loved empanada. Later on we said good-bye and I went to listen to a band playing on the square. This is how my day ended in this beautiful city, Córdoba.
Afternoon rush on Square San Martín, Córdoba

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