The best museum I saw in Salta

Pajcha Museo*
When I arrived to Salta everything looked fine. The weather was warm and I felt welcomed. Then suddenly my plans turned down: a broken car, rainy weather, and all museums closed on Monday. Except for one. And this one was the best thing that could have happened to me in Salta.


After doing circles in Salta on a rainy Monday afternoon, I popped into the only museum which was open that day, the Pajcha Museum. The 'Pajcha Museo de Arte Etnico Americano' contains the collection of a lady who has been traveling all around Latin-America and collected various pieces of the Andes culture. This museum is a must-see for those who are interested in the colourful Andes arts.

In the museum I could see both the ancient and contemporary pieces of art. The concept was to compare the patterns of the ancient cultures with the today existing ones. The conclusion was that the loom or handicraft techniques changed but the symbols and their meaning is still the same.

We had a very funny and enthusiastic guide, Diego, who all the time kept the tour interactive and interesting. Then all of a sudden the lady, Dr. Liliana Madrid de Zito Fontana, came out from behind. She started to talk about her journeys, and explained us all the symbols, and the colours on the different textiles. She was full of with energy and was so enthusiastic about her collection. While listening to her I started to feel that this was exactly how we should maintain our culture, too. Such an honour to have met her!  

Dr. Liliana Madrid de Zito Fontana
The museum is also a school for children. It educates them that the culture still exists and should be maintained with today's techniques.

Diego asks all visitors to be their ambassador in the world. So as one of the ambassadors or Pajcha, I hope that you  have the chance to visit this exceptional exhibition one day.

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