One day in the north: Salta

Street in Salta

Before my trip to Quebrada de Humahuaca I spent one day in Salta. I felt good in the city. It was small enough to relax and feel cozy, but big enough to get lost in the streets. I enjoyed walking around with no destination.

Monday turned rainy and windy which I did not like at all. More likely because I left my warm clothes at home. So basically either I had to keep on walking to stay warmed up, or I was jumping from one building to another. 

From the center I went up to the top of the San Bernard Hill which had a beautiful view on Salta and the surroundings. The best is to go up to the hill with a cable railway from the San Martín Park. Thanks to my host, Juan, we made it by car.

Salta from a bird's view from the San Bernard Hill
In the center of Salta the first destination was the Municipality on the main square and the historical museum inside. I really liked the exhibition, which told about the history of Salta.

The Municipality from inside with the historical exhibition
In the 19th century, because of the conscious reconstruction, for a period there were more two-floored buildings in Salta than in Buenos Aires.

Municipality of Salta from outside
In the centre I also visited the Catedral, and a few blocks away the San Francisco Church and the Carmelita's Convent.

The pink Catedral on the main square

San Francisco Church
Carmelita's Convent
If you are in Salta, you can find some well-preserved, typical houses of the region. Usually they have beautiful graven balconies on the corner.

Typical house in Salta

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  1. Salta is beautiful, right? U got a very nice photo from San Bernardo hill with the clouds above Salta :0

  2. Hey, thanks a lot :) this is when the weather started to turn rainy. otherwise I agree, Salta is just pretty!!