Rome, the eternal (Day 1)

I feel lazy during winter time. However when the first sunbeams come with the spring, I like to come out to the light and think of the next places to visit. This time we choose Rome with a friend. I already went to Rome when I was 9. So I had memories of collecting trash from the ground and touching every abandoned dog on the streets. This time I wished for more.

The first day in Rome was dedicated to the ruins of the ancient town. The weather in April was changing with the sun, so either I was wearing jacket or was burning in my pullovers. The sky was, however, beautiful with those big and white clouds. Just like a painting.

April sky of Rome
First we were walking in the Forum Romanum. You can either enter to the ruins for entrance fee, or walk around the Forum from outside. We choose the second option due to the huge queue at the entrance. We saw the Curia, the Basilica Aemelia and the Arch of Septimus Severus.

Curia and Basilica Aemelia
Forum Romanum, with the Palatinus Hill in the background
Arch of Septimus Severus
We continued walking to the Palazzo del Conservatori and the Santa Maria d'Aracoeli church. I loved its golden ceiling and ornaments. Then we walked by the huge and remarkable Vittorio Emanuele Monument and we could not stop staring at its gorgeous ornaments. Maybe a bit bigger than what I was used to.

Golden ceiling of the Santa Maria d'Aracoeli
Thumb on the church's floor
In front of Vittorio Emanuele
After a few minutes walk towards the Tevere river we reached the Teatro di Marcello. This theater was dedicated to Augustus' nephew, Marcello, and was the model for the building of the Colosseum.

Teatro di Marcello
Behind the theater was the old fish-market, dedicated to Augustus' sister, Octavia. We walked down to the Tevere river, and headed to the south, where we reached the Circus Maximus. This huge space gave place to horse carriage races. The Circus Maximus is just behind the Palatinus Hill, which used to be and still is an elegant place to live.

Circus Maximus with the Palatinus Hill in the background
Heading up through Via di S. Gregorio we finally reached the Colosseum. We planned our trip on purpose that this is going to be our last destination. The top destination, the topping on the cake. 

Despite of the huge queue we got in quite easily for 12€. Inside the Colosseum not only you can walk around on the floors but an inside exhibition also shows how life was on the auditorium: lost needles and combs, pots and other personal articles.

The Colosseum

From the top

  • If you buy the Roma Pass, not only you can freely use the city’s public transport network for 3 days, but you get free entry to the first 2 visited museums. (thanks Fonzi for the tip!) Check out the website:
  • In the Colosseum if you pay an extra 5€ for the audio guide, you can skip the queue.

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