The Renessaince Rome (Day 2)

The second day in Rome started with a sad, rainy weather. Looking out of our hostel window, we were hoping that it would stop. But no. So we took our small umbrella, squeezed under it and went out to see the Renaissance Rome for a half day. 

Seems like that the weather could not stop either all those hundreds of tourists who were slaloming on the narrow streets with their umbrellas. The first destination was the Chiesia Santa Maria, Rome's only Gothic church. In the shady church you will see thumbs decorated with scary skulls.

Chiesia Santa Maria from outside
Thumb on the side wall of the church
Just on the corner of the church is the Pantheon. Its dome is the widest in the world, even wider with about 6m then the dome atop of St. Peter's Basilica. The Pantheon is on a cozy, little square where I bought a nice apartment in my imagination.

The Pantheon from the front
Inside the Pantheon
Square in front of the Pantheon
I liked to get lost in the little streets of Rome. The terracotta and pink colour houses looked rustic, and classy.

Walking on the streets of Rome
We were walking towards the Piazza Navona. The square was originally a stadium in the 1st century, and only became a baroque square later. On the square many artists offer their painting about Rome, and you can see them at work.

Piazza Navona

The pigeon's piazza

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