Taste Rome! - what food I've tried & where

I love Italian food. After having tried most of the Italian restaurants of Budapest, it was time for me to try the original 'pasta', 'gelato' and whatever comes in my way.


Of course I could not miss the Italian pizza. On almost every corner there is a pizzeria, spaghetteria or bisteccheria. Some offer menu. During my stay I tried many-many pizzas, and I really liked the prosciutto one. The original pizza is thin, it has  cheese topping and with NO ketchup. The pizza costs approx. 6-8€.
I tried prosciutto pizza at Via Bixio/Via Principe Eugenio
On the first day, after a very bad choice of a bar at the corner of Viale Manzoni & Via Emanuele Filiberto, where I was served  with pre-frozen pizza, I had basically good experiences.


I have heard about stories that you can try the best things not at the most turistic places, but off the beaten path. So half-consciously we got lost and entered the first restaurant that seemed 'okay'. And it's true! The best lasagne, the best wine and the best cake I tried in Rome, was in a hidden restaurant, the Trattoria Benito, on Via dei Falegnami, 14.

The restaurant was simple, cozy and authentic. The staff was very friendly, and even thought our waiter did not speak English, we understood each other. The price was reasonable.

Trattoria Benito on Via dei Falegnami, 14

Restaurant from inside with a feeling of the 30s
Pasta of the day: lasagne, with wine of the house


In Rome I was mainly trying red wine (vino tinto), and usually the wine of the house. Another good one was the Chianti. I have very good experiences with wine, and memories of joyful nights after.

Sandwich (Panini)

Street vendors are prepared for the hunger of walking tourists. At the busiest points big vans are waiting for the attack of hungry people, offering a great variety of sandwiches for around 3-4€. We tried the prosciutto and mozzarella ones.

Make sure that you have water because you can easily get thirsty of the salty ham.

We tried prosciutto sandwich at the Traian Forum

Ice-cream (Gelato)

Before visiting Rome, a friend of mine made me promise to try the ice-cream (It's you, Juci!). So despite of the cold weather I decided to try out the famous Italian ice-cream. Luckily, the oldest ice-cream factory was just one corner from the hostel, so I could already experience this tasty magic on the first day. It happened in the Palazzo del Freddo.

Beginners are recommended to try the cup-shaped ice-cream, where you can choose from 3 tastes and you get a huge cream topping on top.

Entrance of the Palazzo il Freddo
Great variety of ice-creams
The classic cup ice-cream for beginners


Such as Gelaterias, in every corner there is a cake shop. When looking in the windows I thought that I was dreaming. Creamy, colorful, soft or tough with exciting toppings and sweet smell. I could not miss trying a masterpiece. When walking by the cake shop on Via del Biscione, I could not resist and tried a coco piece.

Cake-shop on Via del Biscione
I found a nice coco cake
The best cake I had in town was the same place where I had the lasagne, in Trattoria Benito. It was the cake of the day: warm chocolate cake with pieces of nuts inside and sugar on top.

Best cake in town was the cake of the day at Trattoria - Benito

Candied exotic fruits

If you would like to try very sweet, candied exotic fruits, such as papaya, passion fruit or lime, try the market at the Piazza del Risorgimento, at the corner of the Vatican City. For me it was too sweet, but definitely a one-time-try.

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  1. Now I'm hungry! Everything looked and sounded wonderful. I love the small out of the bistros! One of my favorite things to do when in Paris is grab a sandwich. Just like your Panini they are wonderful and so French.

  2. I second that! I'm dying for some genuine Italian food now. Great post!

  3. Thank you! Really those Italians know something in the kitchen ;)

  4. Great post, I'm starving now!

    When you make it to Italy again you should also try the South. We enjoyed Puglia a lot!

    Check out our Italian style luncheon experience at Masseria Bagnara...

    1. nice article! do you think if Alessandro would invite me for this great lunch once in South Italy? ;)

  5. Oh, I love Italian food. And no heavenly power would stop me from all but living at a gelati place if I ever wind up in Italy.

    Nice post! IT does seem to be that the best places to eat are the hidden ones. :)

    1. Hi Hannia, definitely was a nice surprise entering this hidden, little restaurant. Should you have similar places, please-please share with me :)