A green oasis in the desert – the oasis of goodwill

Tanya (USA) and Bardia (Switzerland) were assigned to work with a very interesting organisation, the CorGEN, which is operating 25 km from Antofagasta in the middle of the desert. The story started 30 years ago. Some university professors, who lost their jobs because of the dictatorship, went in the desert and started to experiment the possibility of a sustainable life in the middle of nowhere.

They planted trees and were working on creating a life which could help families who also lost their jobs. It was a huge work as literally it never rains in this region. After the dictatorship most of the people went back in the town to work, but some enthusiastic people stayed and have been working on advertising this lifestyle.

Nowadays the oasis serves as a recreation and agricultural area where Bolivian immigrant families are cultivating the field and then selling the vegetable in the markets of Antofagasta. In the 1000 km circle you will not find such a green oasis in the desert, this is a truly unique phenomenal in this region.

Under the shade of the trees

Shelter for the kids
Little inhabitant of the oasis
Desert all around

The soil to cultivate

Bolivian families cultivating the field

Carlos, the owner took us around and talked about his plans with great enthusiasm. He is young and works in this oasis because he truly believes in its message. That he and his team can create a place where people can move out of the town, where not the mining is in focus, but a place which enriches people’s life. We saw the shady gardens and the plantation fields and also saw the big potential of this initiative.

Carlos showing around

Water in the desert is a must

Everyone can enter and visit the place for a small fee. It is even possible to buy the vegetables cultivated here. They are 100% organic and cost almost nothing. We also bought some, and they had such an intense and fresh smell.

Pablo is harvesting the vegetable for our group
The vegetables we bought

Organic and smells great

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