The fish-market and its inhabitants

Antofagasta would not be a proper seaside city without a fish-market. Therefore our first weekend tour led us to the port and the market. The fish-market is a small building just besides the port, which is full of with colorful, little fishing boats. The fishermen bring here the seafood in the morning and sell it fresh. Around them every creature gathered together, hoping for some thrown fish or fish bone.

I saw cats, dogs, pelicans, even sea lions and of course seagulls. Such a vivid and colorful place which no-one should miss when traveling through Antofagasta. Next to the fish market there is also a small flea-market, so even those who do not want to buy seafood can find something nice. Sellers offers jeweleries with various design made of the most common metal of the region, the copper.

The old port is closed in front of visitors
Fishermen arrive to sell their goods
Fresh fish being prepared right besides the port
Fish is then taken for lunch
Cheeky pelicans waiting for the leftover
The sea lions are also hungry
Of course the port is under control by the Captain

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  1. Poor Antofagasta certainly isn't a winner in the beauty stakes now, is it?! Still, I guess it's more of a "real" city, if you know what I mean? (I hate using that word).

    Brownie points for the sealion photos!

  2. Hey, definitely.. it's always good to experience a city which shows the real life of people far from the tourist spots.. thought the weekend we spent in San Pedro de Atacama was amazing :)

  3. Awesome shot of the hungry sea lions!

    1. Thank you Andrea! They were my favorites, too :)