The kick-off - we got started with the work in Antofagasta

The first week started with a ’first’ kick-off meeting. We were kind of excited to meet our clients. The meeting took place in the building of the Casino, which was of course empty on a Monday morning, but it looked fancy to go down to the minus 2nd floor.

CSC Chile 3 Team in front of the Casino

Our team is divided into 4 sub-teams as we are going to work with 4 organizations. Listening to the presentation of each I felt that I could be part of any of them, they all sounded so interesting. After the introductions and compulsory picture taking we were ready to go to our dedicated client’s site and start the actual work with great buoyancy.

The CSC Chile 3 with the clients inside the Casino

With Deepa (India) and Minesh (Canada) we were assigned to work on improving the communication strategy of a local corporation. The organization carries out projects for sustainable development in the region and has a very enthusiastic and young workforce.

Setting up the action plan with Deepa and Minesh

On the first days we were gathering information about the organization, how people see it. We conducted interviews with both the employees and our key stakeholders, the board of directors, which is formed by the directors of the partner organizations. Now the picture is getting clearer and we have some ideas on what to improve.

We gave presents for the employees of our organization

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