Salt, water and flamingos - the Cejar Lagoon tour

We spent the second afternoon at the Cejar Lagoon (Laguna Cejar). In the Atacama desert the soil is extremely salty therefore all the lagoons and lakes have a high salt conentrate. Such high that if you go into them, you will float. Just like the Dead Sea in Israel.

By the way did you know what is the difference between a lake and a lagoon? I just learned that a lake is a closed water fed by a river, while a lagoon is also fed by rivers but the water flows out of it through a second river, so it is not closed.

Valley of the lagoons

Cejar Lagoon and the brave swimmers

Even though the phenomenon of floating in the water was very appealing, I did not go in because it was way too cold for me. I am freaking out of cold water and cold in general, so I was already happy with watching my colleagues. I tried floating in the Dead Sea, so I did not feel I missed anything. But this time Minesh had his life-time experience. He can not swim and it was the first time in his life to float over a 500 meters deep lake. Which actually looks quite scary. Everybody filmed this special moment for him.

Noone would tell that actually Minesh is afraid of water

With the 'Heroe of the day'

Next to this lake was another. It was special because its water was so still that the reflection of the distant mountains was extremely clear. Like a mirror. It was sunset and the water was red, yellow, blue and all colours of the reflection. Finally we celebrated the sunset with cocktails and snacks.

The high salt concentrate creates salty shores
The water is extremely still as there is no life under
The first time I saw flamingos in Chile

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