The Valley Tour: Moon Valley, Death Valley and salty valleys

Once you are in San Pedro de Atacama, you do not want to miss the landscape of the driest desert of the earth, which is laying at an altitude of 2000 and 6000 meters. There are thousands of tour agencies offering day trips to the surroundings, so we also signed up for a package of three trips on the next three days. Our first tour was called Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna). 

Before the Moon Valley we drove up to the Death Valley, which had a breathtaking view on the snowy mountains in the distance. The valley was shaped by the lava of volcanoes, but I was not able to figure out what it had to do with death. 

Jump over the valley

Shaped by volcanoes

I was wondering that in an area which only has mountains, and therefore several valleys, how many names they had to invent to distinguish all of them. And then comes a volcano or a flood and the whole naming ceremony can start again. Respect.

Sand all over

Result of eating peanut butter

The van took us to the Moon Valley. This is a dry and salty area, so it feels like walking on the Moon. Sand dunes, never ending barrenness, salt and sand everywhere. The NASA used to do researches here because the land is very similar to the Moon. Some parts of Star Wars were also shot here. Shame on me, no memories about those parts.

Finally we climbed up on the dunes to watch the sunset over the valley.  

Thanks to my creative colleague we took a bottle of vine to have it during the sunset, sitting on the rocks. Coming down from the dunes required more attention after. Do not forget, the altitude plus drink have a very tricky double effect.

Sunset over the dunes

Moon Valley from above

Vine in the sunset
When the mountains dress red

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