New place in town: ’Egykettő’ Wine Bar

Something I like in Budapest, which we agreed in with my friends, is that there are new places opening every week. There is always an excuse to go out for a drink or to party, if it serves a good case: to try these pubs, bars and clubs out, and pass first-hand info about the new place. We are spoiled in Budapest because we have nothing else to do just enjoy these new bars, which are competing for us, the audience.

Yesterday we tried another newly opened bar, the ’Egykettő Borbisztró és Fröccsliget’ (literally: ’one-two wine bistro and spritzer grove’). The bar is well located in the city center, just besides the Váci walking street and the prestigious Central Café. ’Egykettő’ is inside the court of a palace, half open with tall arcades and crystal roof. The place with such architecture already transmits an elegant atmosphere, and the little fountain in the middle of the court just increases this feeling.

You can either walk to the bar and select from a wide range of wines and „fröccs”, or order food. We tried ’fröccs’ this time. (fröccs =  spritzer, a chilled drink, usually made with white wine or Rosé and soda.) In a country, where you get one of the best wines and where soda was invented, it is convenient that ‘fröccs’ will be Hungary’s non-official summertime drink. In ‘Egykettő’ wine was of good quality and I can not complain about the prices either, which were rather cheap.

'Egykettő' inside with the fountain
Enjoying 'fröccs'
Fountain reflecting on the roof
The only thing I can complain about was the speed of the waiters, as we were sitting with empty glasses for quite a while until they came to clean the tables. This bar is a new one, needs time to find its ‘personality’, however it is a good place to start drinking; to chill for jazz, funky and popular music; and then to head to try one of the new clubs for the rest of the night.

Let me know about your opinion if you ever try 'Egykettő"!

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  1. These are some amazing photographs Mariann. I'm just starting out in the Travel Blogging world and I must say, I am impressed with what you have achieved with this simple design of yours. Very nice!

    1. Thanks a lot!! If you happen to have any tips on how to improve the design, I would love to hear your suggestions. I am kinda learning something new every day :) which engine do you use?

  2. I enjoy wine bars. They started mushrooming in Vilnius a lot but we also need a proper education of what good wine is. But Hungary must have some good wine, right?

    1. what exactly is mushrooming? well, we have some very good wines, most commonly known is the Tokaji.. maybe you've heard about it. How about Lithuania?

    2. Mushrooming means appearing very fast. We have rain, called "mushroom rain", and mushrooms grow during it. I think foreign countries don't have as many kinds of mushroom as we do. I actually have a bottle of Tokaji, got it on my way to Romania, in Tokaji town cellar. Tastes like that thing that is white and sits on grapes when wet, very delicious, actually. I keep it for a special occasion.

    3. it's like when eskimos have 1000 words for snow, you have it for the rain :) Tokaj is great, though it is a dessert wine, would recommend something dry the next time :)