The Hellbrunn Castle - where the fountains come alive

When planning our way to Salzburg, the Hellbrunn castle seemed to be the typical castle, a compulsory must-see. Well, those who have been to there know that this is not the case. Though the castle is a typical building, which is worth a tour, but the real attraction is the fountain network of its garden. I am not sure if I have ever heard of any castle in the world where the fountains have their own lives.

We went to the castle in the morning. This is an Italian style palace built by a bishop in the outdoors of Salzburg, fulfilling all the expectations of the 16th century, with a huge garden besides. Hellbrunn has overachieved all the expectations of that age with its "compulsory" Chinese and Italian rooms, which had no function outside of amazing visitors. Even less function has the little side-building on the hills, in front of the main building, which was only built to give a focus for the noble when looking out of the window. This now hosts the exposition of popular arts.

We can also find paintings of eight-legged horses and albino donkeys, as it used to be a fashion in the earlier ages to collect these exotic creatures, as well as the possession of the biggest fishes of the nearby lakes by the bishop.

Entrance of the Hellbrunn Castle

Italian style
View from the garden
Time dial

The most interesting parts of the the castle, however, are hiding in the garden. These are the tricky fountains, which has been spurting out water onto the innocent visitors from unexpected places for hundred years ago. From the sweet, little sculptures and fountains the water comes out immediately, and the tourists are running away screaming. By the way, in the exposition inside the museum you can see rooms dedicated to how these fountains work. It is funny to know how humorous these noble people used to be already centuries ago.

The smart ones, and us Hungarians are famous for this, guessed about the possible danger by the watery ground around. Suspiciously we hided somewhere with dry floor, and then we were laughing on the victims later. My results? Seems like I was not smart enough, I left the garden with a big water spot on my T-shirt, and with wet hair and trousers. Still I had great fun!

Entrance of the Garden
Hunter with a head of a deer
Water pump


You can enter the Hellbrunn castle for free with Salzburgerland card.

It is better to visit the fountains in good weather so that you can dry up easier, or bring raincoat. You will not be able to escape from the water.

We left the cars in the parking slot of the castle (it costs only 3 Euros per day). Then in Salzburg we used the public transportation which is also free with the Salzburgerland Card.

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  1. Oh wow, those fountains! Must have made for some entertaining moments back in the day. Especially with hoe elaborate I assume fashion was at the time...

    The castle looks like a beautiful place!

    1. The fountains were really cute :) even the crabby left the garden smiling!

  2. Nice photo and article, Tiny Girl. I not been Salzburg and really hope can visit it soon.

    1. Hi Ken, yes, you should visit Salzburg region, I am in love with the place :) Just posted another article about a castle in the same region, hope it will convince you even more :)