Beauty and the Beach - my holiday look

After the 'Capture the Colour' photo contest, here is a new one. The 'Beauty and the Beach' challenges bloggers to publish a blog post with photos capturing their best ever holiday hair, nails and make-up. When I first read the call I thought that I would barely have pictures about any of them. Come on, if I go to the beach or climb a mountain, the last thing I care about is whether my nail polish is neat, or if I should put eye lash or not. Surprisingly, I found pictures with which I am confident to take the challenge. Thanks to this contest I realized that I do care about hair, nails and make-up... sometimes :)

Italian kiss from Hungary (Italy)

When I am on holiday I do not carry all the heavy stuff which I have at home to do my hair. I do prefer simple and natural hairstyle. In 2009 I went to Sicily (Italy) with a bunch of friends from all over Europe to spend a week on the island of Corleone, scooters and sweet ice-creams. On the last night we had a farewell party where I made a simple hair, and pinned a white flower in it. With my friend we posed to kiss a local guy, and we felt like local Italian girls of the summer :)

Chilling out in Hard Rock Cafe (Hungary)
The picture was taken in Hard Rock Cafe Budapest (Hungary) on the first day of my summer holiday. What I like about this photo is how my nail colour fits my watch and the candied cherry of the cocktail. What is it if not style? ;)

A night in Cairo with my new henna
When do I wear make up during a holiday? Usually when I go out to party, but then it is not different from any make up I would prepare for any other party. What makes a make-up special during a holiday is when it represents the local traditions. In 2010 when in Cairo (Egypt) I had the chance to try the traditional henna which covered my right arm, and was so lucky to wear it for more than a week before it vanished. Henna maker ladies are all around the center offering their service. Make sure to pick elder ladies, they do have the experience to paint gorgeous patterns. This was the most special and beautiful make-up I have ever had :)

My nominees (sorry guys, this time I thought of girls!)

Payje from Life All Over
Gina from Live For Travel
Margaret from Margaret's Miscellany

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  1. I loooovee the henna! Very pretty :)

    1. I agree!! It was beautiful. I found the right lady, and it was ready in 3 mins :)

  2. see you do look nice when you travel! it's always nice to have a challenge like this and realize these things! :)

    loving all these challenges you are doing! would love to participate sometime too! :)

    1. Hoo, thank you Jessica! I will let you know if I find out about a similar one :)