Bad Ischl - a "Heaven on Earth"

If a place can develop legends and magic on their own, then Bad Ischl should be included. The story of the town reveals romance, love and history. Come with me and find out about the story of this little town.

Bad Ischl lays in the center of the Salzkammergut region and used to be the center of the region's salt processing industry. Things changed slightly when in the beginning of the 19th century Dr. Franz Wierer from Vienna published a study about the beneficial effects of its thermal water. Patients arrived, hotels opened, villas grew out of the hills, and since then the main income of the town is from tourism.

And what about the love string? It happened in Bad Ischl when in 1853 the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph proposed the love of his life, Empress Elisabeth. Therefore the Kaiser Villa became a wedding gift of the couple and became their official summer residency, their refuge where they could hide from the formalities and go on big hiking trips dressed up in civil suits. Franz Joseph often described this place - no-one knows if because of these nice memories or not - as "heaven on earth".

The must-see site in Bad Ischl is the Kaiser Villa and its garden. The Villa exhibits contemporary furniture and articles used by the royal couple. I felt to be part of their life, and listening the stories about the everyday life of Franz Joseph and Elisabeth I felt the strong love between them. Currently the Villa is private property of one of the grand-sons of the couple, therefore some parts are closed down in front of the audience, still it gives a rich picture about the emperors of Austria.

Kaiser Villa
Fountain in front of the Villa
A bit of romantism
Sweet romance. Sweet? Have you tried the "Ischler" cake? Did you know that it comes from Bad Ischl? If you want to find out where it was made first, to try it at its authentic place, you need to visit the Zauner confectionery. Not only because the building is simply beautiful, but also because of the great selection of hand-made cakes, and of course to try the Ischler.

Zauner confectionery
Zauner from inside
Great selection of cakes and chocolate - the 'Lehár slice'
The original Ischler of Bad Ischl
After having rest in the terrace of Zauner, take a walk and discover all the beautiful villas of the town, where famous Austrians used to reside and work. You can visit the Ville of Lehár, Brahms, Johann Nestroy, Johann and Oscar Strauß.

Bad Ischl would not be a proper bath-town without thermal bath. It also gives another opportunity to relax, to chill, and get lost in the past. Enjoy!

Main street of Bad Ischl
The Lehar Filmtheatre
Villas along the Ischl River


  • Entrance to the garden of the Kaiser Villa is included in the Salzburgerland Card. If you would like to see the Villa from inside, you need to pay an extra 8 Euros. 

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