Grease-feeling in muu Lechería

The Armenia square is one of the busiest ones in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is shady with short buildings, and little bars and cafes are waiting for those longing to take a rest. I usually come here in the afternoon or in the evening, when it is not too warm and the lights are turned on. I saw the muu Lechería for the first time at night. It did not really raise my attention, because I could not think of drinking milk at night.

Or at least I thought that in a lechería one can sip milk shakes and can eat porage with milk. On a Sunday in the lunchtime, however, there was no more excuse and we sat in the muu.
What first drew my attention was the decoration, which reminded me to the 50s' of US with all its segments. There were everything from the Grease era from great variety of hamburgers, to milk shakes and waffles. I chose a salmon hamburger with dill sauce, and accompanied it with orange-banana-maracuya turmix. Definitely not a fast-food taste and quality, I can tell.

Orange-banana-maracuya turmix
Salmon hamburger with dill sauce, accompanied by big basket of french fries

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  1. Looks good! How would you translate lecheria into English? Milk bar?

    1. Yes, you got it! I think it would be Milk Bar :)

  2. Love Armenia square and all its little cafes. The lamps in this place look awesome by the way. What a great find!

    1. Yeah, the decoration was just so original! :)