Summertime in Mar del Plata and surroundings

In February I checked out the biggest seaside resort of Argentina, Mar del Plata and the surroundings. Mar del Plata is the seventh biggest city of the country, but during summertime the number of its inhabitants bumps up to double, and becomes one of the busiest and craziest city along the Atlantic Ocean. Check out what the Pampa has for you there!

Sunset on the seaside avenue of Mar del Plata
Morning on the beach

A few hours later the beach becomes a colorful resort
On the other side of the bay sea lions are sunbathing quietly
The port is offering fresh sea-food
Their dreams came true in the aquarium
A windy day in Mar Chiquita
How I first saw the sea from Mar de las Pampas
The famous moving rock of Tandil
Memories of a home from the Pampas
The famous cheese of Tandil ripened with the breeze of the mountains
Gauchos preparing the sausage and stake for the Festival of Salami de Tandil

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  1. Uggh, I wish I was in the southern hemisphere right now. It's so cold here. I want those beaches!

    1. So I hope that I could take you to those beaches with these few photos :)

  2. OMG all that cheese and those sausages. A German girl's dream of a vacation. ;-)

    1. And of a Hungarian girl, too! Hope to see you somewhere around ;)

  3. Nice photos! All that cheese is making me hungry!

  4. You have shared here very interesting and awesome information about Mar del Plata. I had never heard about this place before. But after read your valuable post it seems I should visit this place at least one time in life.

    1. Thank you! Argentina is huge and has lots of interesting places to visit, if one has the time :)

    2. Oh really...! Can You suggest me one more place which I should visit in Argentina during my trip. ?

  5. i just love the pictures you have posted...please keep sharing such images with information..its really worth visiting your site same as i got the experience here in Tuscany Villas Accommodation...its also a must visit place :)
    thank you :)