The Big Blog Exchange Challenge

There is a very sympathetic blogger competition which says that "local knowledge can generate global understanding", and "exchanging cultures can prevent war". 16 bloggers can have the chance to travel to a very different culture from theirs, exchange lives and blogs, and bring their cultures closer to each other.

I created the Tiny Girl With Big Bag to share with you reflections and stories from my travels, through a subjective eye. I have been on four continents and thirty countries, and all these adventures taught me something new. I am constantly working on telling you stories and bringing you far-away cultures.

If you decide to give me the chance to be one of the 16 bloggers who can share their lives and blogs, please do not forget to vote for my blog with your e-mail address HERE.

For more information about the initiative check out the video.

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About Tiny Girl With Big Bag

Hobby writer and autodidact photographer whose passion is to travel and get to know new people and cultures. She has been on 4 continents and 30 countries, and the outcome is this travel blog where she shares travel stories, thoughts, tips and photography always through a subjective eye.

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