Budapest differently - 5 alternative tours around the city

When we travel we always start with the tourist attractions. I have collected the Top 10 Budapest attractions which contain the 10 must-see sites of the city. However, if you would like to get to know a different face of Budapest, if you would like to walk off the beaten track, to see things not mentioned in the guide books, violá! here is a list of alternative tours, which surely will be a great and an extraordinary experience for you. If you are adventurous enough, choose one of them and tell me your opinion after the tour!

Do you know who made the oldest graffiti of the city? Do you wanna see the narrowest building in town, or find out which is the concert hall with the worst acoustic? After this 3-hour-long tour you will find this out, and much more about the records of Budapest, while touching the treasures of the city.

Do you know what footprints your nation left in Budapest? This tour will show you the city in the context of where your patriots liked to stay and what they created here. Tours for British, Spanish, German, Italian and French are waiting for you to discover about Budapest and your nation at the same time.

Those who are into design and fashion will love this tour which gives an insight to the perfume and fashion industries of the last centuries, showing how people used to live and dress in Budapest. Do you want to know what Hungarian design elements are currently in the fashion shows of Milan, London and Paris? Check them out in showrooms and workshops during this tour.

The 8th district is legendarily a dark area. No-one ever would suggest to any tourist to enter this part of Budapest. Why? During this 2-hour-long tour the experienced tour guide will try the impossible and show you the real 8th district, showing you the Jewish quarter, the architecture, and of course will talk about the legend and gossips of the district.

This is a tour for adults, but the goal is not to make you crawl. During the 4-hour-long tour you will discover the must-see sights of Budapest, while you will be shown the recommended ruin bars, the typical place-to-be of the 'Budapesters'. A flexible, light tour where you decide the speed and the limit :)

Take up the adventure and get lost in Budapest. Now it is your choice what you make out of it! Do not forget to let me know how it went :)

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  1. Very useful suggestions to see a different face of such a popular destination.

    1. Thank you Inka! Hope that we can welcome you here for one of these trips :)

  2. Great ideas. I haven't been to Budapest since 1995 so I'm sure a lot has changed!

    1. Hi Michael, yes, many changes.. actually sometimes even I am confused with the new street names and buildings :)