Capture the Colour: 5 photos, 5 countries, 5 colours

"Have you seen the roses? There's a whole lot of colours."- Syd Barrett.

When taking a photo it is very important that it captures the feeling, the smell or the melody of that moment. For me these are the good photos. I usually call them "photos with feeling". I also collect postcards which transmit the feeling of the place. There is still a long way for me to become such a photographer, but I have all the enthusiasm. is organizing a photo contest, called "Capture the Colour", where nominated bloggers will submit a blog post with a photo that captures the following 5 colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red. When I was nominated by my fellow travel blogger, Gina from Live For Travel, I was happy to take the challenge. Thank you Gina for picking me! :)

Here are my five photographs taken from all around the world.

Yachts in Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)
It was the very first time when I got to see Titicaca, the highest lake of the world and it was impressive to watch the bright blue colour of the water, with the snowy mountains in the background. That is true that Bolivia is the country with the clearest sky and with the brightest blue water.

Windows to the streets of Hallstatt (Austria)
If Austria could be described with colours, it would be the white snow of the mountains and the green of the fields and forests. While walking in colourful Hallstatt I saw this green window which so much represented me the colour of Austria. Looks like a fabled house which tells stories about the ancient salt-producing town.

Sunshades at the Dead Sea (Israel)
I was in Israel in August. Heat and dryness. However the warmest place of all is the Dead Sea region, which is 400 meters below sea level, therefore it is much warmer than the rest of the country. Moreover, because of the high salt concentration of the water, it is totally dead. No plants, no animals. This picture is supposed to capture the dryness on the drear beach.

Port of Antofagasta (Chile)
Before reaching the busy, noisy and smelly Sunday fish market at the port of Antofagasta, I came across the old port of the city. Since it was already closed, it was occupied with seagulls and pelicans. The weather was rainy and sad. It gave back the feeling of ancient times. At the horison is the wide Pacific Ocean.

Coconut juice in Palawan (Philippines)
One of my biggest dreams in the Philippines was to do island hopping. This means to visit little islands in a bay and spend some time on each. On the last island in the Honda Bay we had late lunch accompanied by coconut juice. It was such a great feeling sipping it out through the straw while sitting on the sandy beach under palm trees and watching the blue ocean in the horison.

My five nominees to participate in the contest are:

Cezar from Imperator Travel
Sammi from Gems via Thailand
Karthik from Outside the Guidebook
Payje from Life All Over

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  1. You nominated me for this! I'm a video blogging site remember? :-) Oh well, can give it a go I suppose!

    All the best for your entry though! You have some great shots here and you could win it !!

    1. Thank you!! Let me know if you have your blog post ready. Fingers crossed :)

  2. Ah, Hallstatt. Nice UNESCO treasure.

    1. It's like being part of a fairy tale there :)

  3. Thank you for having me nominated. I really liked all the photos, especially the sunshades. Are they, like, from sun protection?

  4. I think so. It is desert and sun all around. And the sand was so hot for walking, only under the shades it was cool.

  5. love these photos! although I'm sure the contest over, i may have to do a blog post similar! looks like so much fun! check out my travel blog, currently writing about my experiences in israel!


    1. Thanks Jessica for visiting my site. And you will not believe, I was in Israel with the same project like you! :) I will keep reading about your experiences!