Hohenwerfen Castle - a fabled castle on the hill

While traveling to Salzburg and the Hellbrunn castle on the motorway from the south, we saw green valleys and high mountains. The motorways were crossing these mountains through tunnels along with the increasing traffic towards the city of Salzburg. After running out from one of these tunnels we saw the Hohenwerfen Castle for the first time, sitting on one of those green hills. It was like a castle from a fairy tale. 

You can reach the Hohenwerfen castle either with cable car or on foot. After seeing the elevation of the hill, we were happy enough with the cable car. In the Castle you can walk around with an audioguide. The tours leave together and you have to stay together. Though the guide in Medieval dress sheperded us quite fast, somehow I could catch up with the spiel on the audioguide by the end of the tour. Some people already lost the track from the beginning.

The Hohenwerfen Castle from the motorway
The elevator from the parking slot
Inside the castle, surrounded by the mountains

We started the tour with a little chapel, then while walking upwards to the upper tower we stopped on each floor to listen to the history of the castle. It used to be a tower, then it became a prison. It has a sense, as from the ascent hill it looks almost impossible to escape. We also saw some Medieval weapons as well as the currently working clock machine and the bell, which the guide rang us even twice. On the upper floor of the tower we stepped out on a little stage from where we could look out and see the surroundings. Rocky and green mountains around, divided by valleys. It was so windy though that I had to grab either my camera, my sunglasses or the audio guide not to lose them. 

Working tower clock
Ancient clock system
Castle and surroundings from the tower
Castle bell

Going down some volunteers could try walking on stilts, or sit in the bar to have some rest with a cooling beer. Sometime during the day there are several shows with falcons. (We did not wait for it.) Dropping by the souvenir shop was however already part of our daily routine.

Down in the yard
Posing with a knight


While the entrance fee of the castle is covered with the Salzburgerland Card, the cable car costs extra money. For budget travelers, you can also walk up in the castle on foot.

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  1. I love castles and this one looks amazing! I've not been to it even though I've been to Salzburg twice :) I think I'd take the elevator up at least.

    1. When we first saw it from the motorway, we almost fell out of the car trying hard to take a nice picture.. it looks fabled :) Soon will post an entry about Salzburg (my first time!), I am curious about your thoughts on that, too! :)

  2. This does indeed look like a fairy tale castle! I love the choice of either walking on stilts or sitting and have a beer - very funny. Choices are important!

  3. I'm a castle junkie, and this one suits my taste very well. I think that's what a proper castle must look like.

    1. I agree! This castle was absolutely beautiful. Another question how you get up on the hill :)